Intervjuud Podcast

Semiotical interviews: UT MA-student Mariam Nozadze about literature and poetry practicality

The second interview is in English and was recorded at the University of Tartu Library. This interview is actually to me a second time to get to know better somebody in English. You can listen to the next English podcast at the beginning of the new year.

But before that, I introduce to you semiotics as Mariam understand it, through literature and poetry. I try to realise through the interview how practical is poetry inside the semiotic frame of questions that I ask.    

I met Mariam first time at University when I was still MA student. The thoughts about interviewing Mariam was come to me form my friends when annual university ball happen. It was quite a fascinating idea and opportunity to talk poetry as a practical necessity in life.       

About interviews

The series of conversations, called Semiotical interviews, with Sven Anderson (in Estonian original podcast title is „Semiootilised intervjuud, koos Sven Andersoniga“), brings to podcast listeners and blog readers different people experiences and everyday life semioticians difficulties and happiness to practise discipline.  

My purpose is open with the interviews for regular listeners and blog readers semiotics practical necessity. Therefore to listening to or answering in interviews doesn’t require to know semiotics at all. It is enough to be interested. All discussions are buildup based on a systemic structure that concentrates several or one aspects in visitors life as she/he sees it, I only guide the way with questions in semiotics.

All the interviews are findable latter under the menu. 

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