Aasta 2019 English Intervjuud Podcast Semiootika

Semiotical interviews: UT PhD-student Jason Mario Dydynski about marketing and cuteness

The fourth interview is in English and was recorded at the Jason work office. This interview is to be for me a first time to get to know better somebody, and it was also in English. I met Jason first time at University when I was still an MA student. The thoughts about interviewing Jason […]

Aasta 2018 English Sissejuhatus Teooriad

Sven bear dealing with mental health with ERASMUS+

As surprised I am, I was in Saaremaa with Erasmus+ project and dealing with mental health. The topic that doesn’t come up if there is not a personal connection with it. I was before joining the group of Estonians very sceptical about the project and a little bit cautious about how I deal with the […]